Japan Trip with my first disposable Camera

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I went to Japan last May :) 
I know it's already September but I'm so excited to share my first film that I took when in Japan. Japan is really really good city and I think I fall in love with Japan, till now~ and promise I'll be back in Japan soon! :)
So I bought a disposable camera when in Japan and this is my first time using disposable camera. When I see the result I'm so happy it's not that bad lol I took the photos around Shibuya, when I visited Mountain Fuji and this is the best shoot that we took (My bf took all my photos so thumbs up for him lol!)
If you wonder why am I carrying an umbrella continuously in all my photos it's because the weather looks so gloomy and it rains all day long, even when I was at Universal Studio, the weather just getting worse but that didn't stop me from taking photos lol.
Actually I have so much photos on my camera but here I only share all my photos from disposable camera so hope you like it! :)
(When in Universal Studio, it was a great time!)
(Cute neko at Hachiko Statue omg ! )
(Visit Mt.Fuji for the first time haha I love being a tourist!)


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