Nami Island, Winter Trip at Seoul Part I

Been a long time I never write on my blog and here I am, back with my winter trip post! OMG I'm so excited since this is my first winter trip I can wear coat and feel the snow! Since I live in tropical country and it's always hot weather or just rainy day all day long like now when I write this post :) This is kinda my late post since I went to Seoul last month at January 10 with my friend, Nadia, just two of us. 
And it's Seoul in the winter, since I'm a big fan of Korean drama of course I couldn't be more happier! And lucky me, when I was there on a third day, the weather was snowing. My friend and I so excited lol finally we touched the snow for the first time. Actually when we arrived at Seoul, all covered by snow, lol :) Even the weather was very cold for me, it was -15℃ my hands keep wearing gloves at that moment :)
This post is about my second day at Seoul, since I didn't take many photos on the first day so I decided to post about my second day. And yes we chose to go to Nami Island on the second day :)
"The famous trees on Nami Island"

Nami Island was very crowded at the time but it's alright we really enjoyed the view and the cold weather. All covered by snow I couldn't be more happier and you can call me a happy kid because Seoul is really beautiful I can't help :)


  1. These pictures are so beautiful! The winter can definitely look amazing. Love that coat!

  2. Nice post, love the pictures :)
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  3. What a fabulous day in an incredible city, Rin!!

  4. Hello,

    Oh, lovely !


  5. Beautiful picture. I love the weather and those pants are very beautiful.

  6. Stunning photos and the background is beautiful.

    Bernie, xx
    The Style Fanatic

  7. Love this chic coat and hat! These red pants are amazing too.

  8. awsome post....keep posting
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  10. Wow, Love that snow art. Hope you had a wonderful time.

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