Review : City Color Timeless Beauty Palette

It's been a long time since my last beauty haul and here I am back with my make up review again! Yey! *Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post, I bought it with my own money and this is just my honest review :)

So I got this palette a week ago and I'm so happy finally I got this palette! A drugstore make up and it's City Color Timeless Beauty Palette. Of course it's an affordable price too! The reason why I bought this pallete is.. it's has four blush and three highlighter! So beautiful, isn't it?
So let's talk about the packaging first. The packaging is pretty cool, so sleek and the color of the palette is gold. It's made of plastic but very sturdy, and there's a mirror in it. I think this palette is perfect for traveling since it's have four blush and three different highlighter. Because one blush is never enough, right?
I really love blush on and highlighter, so much. That's why I bought this palette. So I tried this blush yesterday and I can tell you, it's so pigmented, the three blush on has a matte finish and the coral one has a shimmer on it. When I apply the blush on with my brush there's a fall out but not too much, just a bit powdery but it's still okay.
And how about the highlighter? The highlighter is really pigmented too and slightly creamy, in my opinion it's really good. I think the color of the highlighter is really perfect for asian skin, and this would be great if you're NC 30. Trust me it's really good! I'm NC 25 and it's still looks perfect on my skin. So if you're looking for an affordable palette with a great quality I think you should buy this one! I bought it around $15 on online shop and I never regret it, lol! 
And here's the swatch on my hand, include the highlighter and four blush on. The blush on is really great for daily and yes this my new favorite drugstore palette with a great quality! I know this is not a hype product but who's care since the quality is really good for me ! :) So do you have your favorite blush on palette? Leave your answer in the comments below :)


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  4. I love everyone of these colors :)

  5. Highlighter nya agak gelap ga sih kak? Tapi pigmented yaa kyaa cobain ahhh


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  7. Wooow, those highlighter shades! It isn't that easy to find a highlighter that fits to dark skin. They are usually just shinning. Silver or gold. And here there's wonderful blown shade. And I also liked that purple-pink blush shade. So unusual. I've already checked prices, now it's turn to check prices of this palette.

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