My Beauty Haul (All time fav) !

Oh, hello! So this post is a very special post because I rarely write a review about a beauty product, but heyy I write about my favorite beauty products that I've been used for a long time and some products that I got two weeks ago, it's a drugstore make up and I'm sure you already know and the price is really affordable too with a quality product! So, let's get started! *btw this isn't sponsored post, I bought it with my own money*

I'm sure you already know all these products, so let's talk about foundation first!

1. Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

This is my holy grail foundation, my all time favorite, seriously. Let's say, Estee Lauder is really have a good quality since we all know so many beauty vlogger on youtube wear this foundation. Estee Lauder have a medium to full coverage which is really great for my skin.
I have oily skin, acne prone, also some acne scar and redness around my face. My face isn't perfect, so I have to cover it with concealer andddd this foundation really did a great job! Oh thanks God I found my right foundie!
My shade is Cool Vanila. Well, I always wear it everytime I take my ootd shoot or on my daily make up, even when the weather is really hot, and when I sweat, this foundation still stays on my face, no cakey, no breakout and I was like, so impressed with the quality!  If you wonder, I use Coty airspun loose powder to bake my face after use this foundie then finish it with NYX matte setting mist, and the foundie still looks good all day long! I've been used it almost one year and definitely will repurchase ! The price is around $40 when I bought it, but it's worth every penny!

2. Wet N Wild PhotoFocus Fondation

When I bought this product, I'm not sure if this foundie have a good quality like every beauty vlogger said on Youtube, I always have a love-hate relationship with drugstore foundation, Idk. But to get rid of my curiousity, finally I bought. In my city, Indonesia, the price is around $9, which is really cheap! And then this question come across my mind, is this foundie really worth the hype? The answer is, YES! *cry*
The texture of this foundie is liquid, so I wonder if this foundie can cover my redness and my acne scar, turn out, it's really good! I blend it with wet sponge and the coverage is still full coverage, I never use this foundie with a foundie brush cause I'm afraid it will looks cakey. I use this foundie around 6-7 hours yesterday and still looks good on my face. No cakey, no breakouts, well, such a good deal for my oily skin. The foundie itself doesn't have spf, as they claim if we take a photos whether it's day or night, no photo flashback. So I tried it on the night and it wasn't bad. This product is really great if you have to hang out on the night and take so much photos.I highly recommend this product If you have oily skin like me, trust me it's really great product! 
The cons is, it's smell like a paint, so weird, my mom tried it and she doesn't like the smell. But for me, it doesn't matter, the smell will gone after you blend the foundie, so the smell doesn't last long.

3.L.A Girl Strobe Lite Strobbing Powder
Who doesn't love Highlighter? 'Cause I think every girl at least have one highlighter in their make up bag! I bought this Highlighter 5 months ago I guess? And still my favorite Highlighter. I chose shade "90 watt", I dont know how to explain the color so as you can see on the picture, the color is like white but it's not too white actually, it's like white with the champagne hint? Uh idk how to explain it, sorry :(
I always use this product if I take an outfit photos and the highlighter sometimes looks on point, lol. And if you take the product too much with your brush, it will be fallout but not too much. So I took it with my flat brush foundation from Elf, I know it's weird but it's work. The price is around $8 when I bought it.

4. J.Cat Love Struk Blush + Bronzer

The last is a blush on, I got this two week ago when I'm so confused I wanna try another blush on product, so I chose this one. The product claim it can use as a bronze and blush. So yeah, when the blush on has arrived, it has a beautiful color, a pink blush on and the cooper bronzer shade on the top of the Cat print, buttt, when I try it with my blush on brush, the copper bronzer is gone! Like seriously, it's gone forever with just one swatch! I didn't even take the photos of the product when there's still have a bronzer on it! Hmmm, ok, as you can see on the pictures now it's just a pink blush on, no more bronzer cause it's gone forever. So I'm not impressed with this product since now it's just a blush on for me. But I have to say that the blush on itself is really pigmented, just one swatch and it's really "pink" on my face! If you wonder, I chose in shade "Baby Boo".
And almost forget to tell you about the packaging! However the packaging is really small ( I thought the product is big), and so cute, with the cat print on the top of the blush on. So if you want to try a blush on with  an affordable price( bought it around $5) Go try it since the packaging is really small and so pigmented, I bet it can fit into your make up bag!


  1. Thank you so much Rin! I'm so happy that you liked my summer outfit with the lavender blouse! :D By the way, nice blush! ;) Have a nice day! Kss

    ♥ ★ ♥ GINGER COLLAGE ♥ ★ ♥

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  3. Great haul, the pink shade looks sweet. And I love the Estee Lauder, one of the best brands out there!

    Madame X
    The Flower Duet

  4. Great haul, I love E.L. foundation!
    Kisses, Paola.

  5. They all look great! I love Estee Lauder!

  6. They look all so pretty!

  7. Such a great haul, thanks for sharing!!
    xx- Nina

  8. The L.A girl strobe powder looks great.

    Bernie, xx
    The Style Fanatic

  9. I really have to try that Estee Lauder foundation. I always hear great things! I love LA Girl! They make really good products.

  10. They seem to be very cool products for summer :-*

    Melanie /

  11. these products look really interesting thanks for sharing

  12. Lately I love jcat product! I cant wai to try the blusher too


  13. The Wet N Wild foundation sounds very good, it's on my wishlist. :)

    Chaste & Beautiful


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