Do you love online shopping? Of course you are. Why we love online shopping? I always think about it all time, because, lately I never buy stuff from store or from mall that I visit, not because all the store have a boring stuff, it's just, sometimes it doesn't suit my taste. The things is, we can find something we need from online with just one click nowadays. We can google it to search what we want, and bookmark it then or add it to our wishlist. Besides, so many online store now, you can get what yo want these days, from kawaii online store, or casual outfit to go work, or just some edgy stuff so you can slay your outfit everyday. And stuff that I often buy from online is skincare now, 'cause my face is oily and have a bit of acne now so my face need extra attention, sigh. But for clothes or shoes, I bought it from my favorite online store, it's from Zalora , I bought some of my shoes, bag and clothes from Zalora. We all know if Zalora is the largest online fashion destination in Southeast Asia and the collection itself is more than 500 local brands, international and designers, they even have Style Nanda, which is brand that I love!

And in Indonesia we have HARBOLNAS, it means Hari Belanja Online Nasional 12-12 in 2016, which is so many discount next month! There's one thing that you can't miss, Zalora have HARBOLNAS too, you can visit their website for more information or you can click here . I can't wait for HARBOLNAS , cause yep, I don't have to spend a lot of  money to buy a new shoes (it's been a long time and I need new shoes) so what are you waiting for, go check their website and find your fav stuff and buy it when HARBOLNAS has come, a reminder for you, it's on 12th December 2016! :)


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