SKY DIVER (My beautiful Journey in DIENG)

Finally, I posted about my journey when I was in Dieng two weeks ago, Dieng is located 30 km near Wonosobo city, Central Java, Indonesia. First time I go there, I can't say anything, it's really really wonderful place, If you never go to this place, or when you have a holiday in Indonesia, you should go there, or you can try climb a mountain in here. I'm running out of words, because the weather.. It's so cold. Almost -2 celcius, The thing is, I can wear my parka, my beanie, my thick sweater and my tight too. I went there with my bf and all my fellas (I'm the only woman). We also make our camp on the edge of a lake. We made two ​​camp and then grill something to eat, but I'm not in the mood for eat anything. We join with others to feel warm by making a bonfire. And the awkward moment is.. when  you have to pee and there is no toilet  there! Because I'm a woman and I can't pee in any place Y_Y
I never forget about this trip because I saw the milky way for the first time, as you know, I live in Semarang, Central Java, so rare too see a stars or milky way :) 
And then, all my friends and I climbing Puncak Sikunir, only takes about an hour. We climb at 3 am, It's so cold and I can't breathe properly. If you're lucky, you can see the dew turns into ice crystals. Unfortunately, I didn't realize it so I don't see it. Uh. 

Let me show you a breath-taking moment. When we're waiting for the sunrise.. The horizon slowly emerging.. The sky began to change colors.. from the dark to orange-red color.. The sun comes up slowly. Well, here we go.. You can see it too. Relax and get a cup of chocolate while you read it..
The thick fog.

Humans and mountain.
And this is me, no make-up and tired face 'cause I can't sleep throught the night.
Wondrous sky..
I signed off and closed my eyes
Then I was falling through the sky..
Oh, those colourful camps..
Our sweet camp..

*All the photos taken by Canon EOS 600D with fix lens 50mm 1.8 and some photos with my Iphone.


  1. such a pretty view. really in love

    visit mine,
    Miss Aa

  2. The first pics looks like in Wonderland :) beautiful!!

    Greets from the EDELFABRIK

  3. WOW, these pics are stunning! Congrants!

  4. These landscapes are incredible! So beautiful !!

  5. Beautiful pictures

    Love Vikee

  6. omg, the place is so damn beautiful!
    a must visit list for this year!

  7. gorgeous travel pictures! must be marvelous to see milky way!


  8. Beautiful photos!! I must visit their one day. I absolutely love traveling to places like these! Thank you for sharing!

  9. This is a lovely set of photos, love the first ones.

    / Avy

  10. beautiful place! pingin banget ke sana tapi gak kesampean trs ><

  11. love your pics
    so beautiful place and perfect day!!!


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