Make Over Video Challenge III with Tresemme style seeker hunt x Gogirl! Magazine !

First, This is my first time  make over video before, I never make a video like this, trust me I'm not a typical people who can easily put a make up on other people :)) But, here we go, after my-hectic-day during two months, seriously, I made it, Oh no, still can't believe finally I have a time to make this video with my friends! We're such a great team xD and I should thank you so much for all my friends, we did a great job! *highfive*
I try to make over my friend with a simple street-style-outfit, simply added a pinafore and white crop top, chanelling it with a long shirt, and don't forget to wear a sneakers! Yashh! It's a comfort zone for our foot, I mean.. heels day off. For the make up, I try to make it looks so natural, with a brown eyeshadow and blended it, andddd a touch of red lipstick, yes, it's a must! 

For the make up, I'm using so many product, I'm using NYX pallete, NYX lip cream lipstick, Revlon Absolute powder, Wet 'n Wild brown shadow, Maybeline Mascara, and for the hair, Of course, Tresemme Keratin smooth! Believe it or not, my hair, its feels so good, smooth and looks so healty, because I dyed my hair, so when we dye our hair, I think our hair should get a better treatment, if not, our hair will-be-damaged! 

I told you, all this challenge makes me more creative, and I really really enjoyed it. A little story for you guys.. Over the past two months, I learned so many lessons, I met a lot of people, with different characters, I tried to fight, and be stronger. That life is grateful for what we have, and we know, sometimes life is very selfish, all people trying to save themselves without care for the others, I don't understand, why we, as human beings, have to do a thing like that. It's so cruel, It's so sick. I still remember what Paulo Coelho said in his book,  "Success is when we can sleep peacefully every night." 
The lesson is, do what you love, it will not make you sick. Do what you love, if it your passion. Get it. Hey, it's my midnight thinking and I can't ignore it, It's feel like.. The feeling when you can read a book again, drink a cup of tea in the morning, or when you turn off the light in your room and listen instrumental music before you sleep. 

So, if you curious about the video that I made yesterday with my friends, you can watch it on my channel!

Pop.. Pop.. Here's the result! Btw, special thanks to my friend, Ruwianti Dian for being my model  :)

A reminder for you if you want to join this challenge! Simply click here for more info, don't miss it! C'mon it's Newyork Fashion Week and we can road to New york with Tresemme and Gogirl! Magazine ! Let's watch New York Fashion Week 2014! <3


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