September wishlist ( Favourite shoes )

I couldn't resist all of these, chunky heel, ankle boots, peep toe, too gorgeous darling, a touch of red colour or gold, snake skin. And of course, spike shoes is always my favourite, in love with all these shoes since I got it on Mart of china, yes, I don't know what to say, because too many shoes, too many options, I want it all, but here's is my favourite shoes, because I love ankle boots with chunky heel, such a great shoes for my foot. Sometimes wear heels that are too high make my legs a bit tired, especially if you have to walk all day, so, chunky heels are the best way (If you want to keep your feet comfortable :p ) You can choose so many shoes and of course with a low price to save your money on Mart of china, click here for shoes under $15 :) and click here too for clothes under $8, woow, now you and I can save our money for clothes and shoes! Happy thought! :)


  1. Love them!! :)

  2. they are all so gorgeous!!

  3. AWESOME !
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  5. this is really great,you have such a lovely blog! :D i hope you're having an amazing day!



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