Semarang Fashion Festival 2013

Last week I attended an event called "Semarang Fashion Festival 2013", of course I'm so excited! So many fashion designer and I really enjoyed the performances and fashion show too! The fashion show is really really gorgeous, I'm so happy I can see Anne Avantie and Ave sanjaya <3 They are too gorgeous <3 Especially all the clothes of their design! And I can see that Anne Avantie crying after her fashion show :)) Awh, Indonesia is very proud to have them! For some reason, I really love their work, they are very talented, and should be an example for all young people, to be more advanced in working in the fashion industry.
So, here's some photos about the fashion show tiga generasi from Amie Indriati, Anne Avantie, and Intan Avantie "Ibunda,Karyaku dan Putriku"
And here's some photos about Ave sanjaya, and her daughter, Novita Sanjaya, Fashion show tiga generasi "Belle de Nuit", Evening dresses with Spring night 2013! Okay, What a spring! I love all the dress, look so elegant <33 Totally amazing and I can't take my eyes off it, err x))
So, what do you think? :) Happy Wednesday ^^


  1. It looks an amazing event!!:)

  2. I wish I was there. Too bad I can't attend the event.. :(



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