The first days of spring (Giveaway Winner from Msdressy)

Voilaaaaaa! Happy February! That's my month too! And also my first post too in February :)) And... i have so many wishlist in this month <3 It's gonna be... Awesome!
Somehow I really liked this month, and I will grow old in this month, oh no, we're always getting older everyday, right :D

This month is too special for me, I was too busy with my thesis, always, because  I promised to finish it as soon as possible, so sorry that I just make a post right now. I'm sorry too because I always mention about "thesis" in my every post, ah, I think I fell in love with my thesis... Too deep.
Because in my opinion, it takes a huge struggle to make a thesis, and a great spirit, and I had to build the spirit, without any encouragement, I just do it, I move, because I believe, what I do now, it would be good for my future. I always know, because everything happens for a reason. You don't need to grieve, and when bad things happen, there must be some reason for it, and make us stronger, even if it has made you hurt. Slowly, I also felt a positive energy, just keep doing the things you love. Very difficult for me through all of this, encourage myself, push myself up to a maximum limit, and I prove it now, I'm fighting for a better future, for a better life, for my family. Well. Sometimes we also feel disappointed with someone in our life, but, It's a lesson that we will always get in our life. Sharing life with others, telling secrets to each other, spend lunch with someone you love, it's just a small part of life, which is very encouraging even if we remember about that moment, I think it's the best time ever. More than a memory...
Nah, let's talk about outfit post now, not as usual, I took the picture in my room, I was too lazy :p I hope Indonesia have winter season, something that would never happen,LOL. I'm curious about the winter season. Haha. So, I'm dressed like this..
I don't know why, i always have a problem with self timer, the photos sometimes so blur, rrrh.
By the why, i want to announce about the giveaway winner, here we go! 

Congratulation for Didi! ^^ I will send you the email for the gift voucher, and just check your email! :))


  1. Oh i love these photographs.

  2. Que bonitas las fotografías!!!

  3. Lovely look!!:)

  4. love your look and you look so pretty

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  5. Thank you for visiting my blog. Yes I like to following each other, but I can't find you on my follower List.
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  6. Hi there.i LOOOOVE your blog and your outfit, please check mine out and if you'd like we could follow each other. :) Just let me know. xx

  7. you look so cute!! love the sweater

  8. So cute! Lovely sweater! :)
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  9. hey love your blog post !!
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  10. Love the outfit. Perfect for that spring nip thats still in the air. Lovely hat too.

    Lindsey. x

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