Me. without oufit post again >.< I'm sorry. I prefer to write now, and learn to understand something that I feel, I know. Sometimes, we see the words, but we don't read it, because it's not considered attractive. I learned to understand many things.. a character, looking for something-which we don't really need. Why? How can? So weird. I'm wondering what should i do. And then I asked the question to myself. Am i wrong?I never know. I'm just trying, to live, and try to understand why it all happened so fast.
I don't know why people are so easy to fall in love. Why? what's wrong? Actually, I believe with love at first sight. Yes. it's like when you see a good clothes at your first sight, and you can't let it go. You would think that you have to buy it. If not, you're going to think about it all the time.
I know that feeling, you know, i was so happy too, when i feel it. I flew, and fell with a comfortable. I feel very happy when I fell, though only for a moment, I will never regret it, even if I fell in the wrong place, at least, i found it. I found that place. Warm and safe. And when I left that place, I know.
Once again, no regret. Sweet like a candy.
It happens when I'm lost, and I find that place, I promise I will never visit that place again, one day, if I go to that place again, I will give my best smile and i will sit there quietly and play back all the memories that happened. One day. This is just the things we lose after hope. Don't ever expect too much, because, time will destroy everything that you have. And, we are just a silhoutte in a, happy.. colorfull world.
Gonna light up the sky or ignore the stars? And we all do it because it's stole our heart.


  1. hi~ I was trying to read your writing, but I found it kind of hard to follow.... I'm guessing English isn't your first language. It added character though. You should continue to write anyway. I like the illustrations though--they are beautiful.


  2. I think you may be mistaken love at first sight with passion at first sight :-P I really dont think a strong emotion like love can be possible to occur after just a sight, I think people feel passion and happiness and connection with someone, but not true geniune love. JUst an oppinion ofcourse. :-) It all differs from person to person :-)


Thank you so much for your comment, really appreciate it <33