Finally, im home :) After almost two weeks must be in village haha x) But i will be back to village again, im so sorry again. I didn'r post about my outfit, again, hehe :)
You know, i really miss blogging, so much things that I want to do, what I want to share with you all, j
I feel half of me is gone, when I was away from the blog, haha, so random things, I learned a lot in the village, I teach in school, giving out lessons to children, have fun with new friends, and sometimes, I miss home, friends, and perhaps, shopping x_x Hehe :) 
..I realized, that life is sometimes hard, but we have through it, because life is a challenge, and for anyone who can pass the challenge, they will win, win for the challenges of life, you know, life must go on, sometimes we feel stress, depression, but believe me, we can pass it, that in every problem there is, always has a solution, and don't run, just face it.
"Because you're stronger than you think" 
I was listening a songs from Imagine dragon, I love his voice! And the song makes me happy :)) Btw, happy fasting 1433 H for all the moslem in the world, really love this month, because ramadhan has come \:D/


  1. You're right, life is a challenge. I like to live in some village like Kaliurang (Jogja). It's a very peaceful place to live and I swear your soul will feel so calm, light, and peaceful too. No technology, only local TV station, or radio, so nothing to worry about. Hehe :)


  2. Congratulations for your blog.I'll follow you.


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