Good girl

I'm back, I'm sorry because I'm so busy lately because I'm on the midterm and too much to do at this time <3
And I also had to break up with my boyfriend, we've been together for four years more, but I'm fine and we are still friends until now and laugh together too, haha, no, I'm not going to tell my story now <3

 So really love these black dress, phewww, and im just wore it with alexa bag, it's work eh? :D
I had felt strange with bloggers because bloggers has a new look, uh, looks a bit nice but I prefer the first :) But still okay right. I don't know why but I often play a songs from the flight facilities - Crave you, ouh  it's about someone else, uh. And how was your day guys? :D


  1. great outfit & loving the bag! sorry to hear about your break up... but hey now you have more time to be with friends :)

  2. wow, that bag is so pretty<3
    love the way you play with that black dress !

    come and see my blog if you have time,

  3. hey sorry to hear about the break up but glad you are well :)
    you look great as usual! love the glasses x

  4. i love the outfit.
    aaa the glasses so adorable

  5. those glasses are uber cool! <3
    sure dear, i followed u already.mind to follow back?

  6. Sure I'd love to follow U! :) I've already added your blog. ;)
    Btw I love your outfit, you look so gorgeous!


Thank you so much for your comment, really appreciate it <33