Hello february :) Much much love everywhere :) So much!
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Have taken this picture after I finished college, I know it such a long holiday, but I'm still busy with lectures and exams, ughh, kinda boring, and that makes me upset is, Bag raiders will come and concert in jakarta, how I want to see them, huaaa.Yeah , i know I missed some concerts, I miss Neon trees concert when they perform in Jakarta on JRL concert event, and two door cinema club too :
Neon trees is one of my favorite bands, actually I have many favorite bands, like the strokes , arctic monkey, radiohead, florence and the machine,Paramore, The killers, etc. I'm hoping they will hold a concert as soon as possible in jakarta hha :D Uups  wait, we're talking about music now, i  feel music is a part of me, I think everyone likes music, whatever it is, music always can make people dance and be happy
So what's your favorite band? Let me know and leave your comment here!
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  1. Really enjoying your blog and am your newest follower.

  2. i love the top and sunnies dear. you look so stunning! and where did this photoshoot take place? <3

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  3. Love the top,so unique & nice photo dear :D
    btw,I already follow ur blog,mind to follow back me dear..?

    http://itsmerhianiiy.blogspot.com/ xoxo ^^

  4. Acabo de descubrir tu blog,me ha encantado y por ello te sigo! te dejo el mío y si te apetece y te gusta te espero como seguidora :)



  5. omg love the shades <3 fab


  6. this top is fabulous! love how simple it is yet it really makes a statement. :) you have a lovely blog! you have a new follower on google. :) hoping to stay connected with your blog, and wishing you all the best! have a great day!


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