Traditional bead

Look what i found!
Traditional beadwork and prints add something interest to your look, always look amazing, and never get bored with this.
This bag looks so old because I have kept the bag for a few years maybe, this bag can be easily found and can be purchased in Kalimantan with low prices, because I bought it several years ago, Haha :D
When i read Vogue i just saw this tradional bead bag but with a different pattern. So cute :)

NAH, what i ate today :
You know, READ ALL THE BOOOK - for exam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. good luck for the test :) btw i have 1 pocket like that its from kalimantan right? nice to meet you

  2. The beadwork on the bag is gorgeous! Good luck with your exam <3

  3. i loooooove the bag, but i am not sure about the strings.. it looks tacky! sorry bout that...


Thank you so much for your comment, really appreciate it <33